Natural hand-dyed, unique baby essentials made from sustainable organic cotton, produced with social impact in the Amsterdam-based BORO*ATELIER!


Of course, you already knew that the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, topped only by the oil industry. But did you know that textile dyeing constitutes the most chemical element of the textile industry!?

The toxic, synthetic dyes are usually dumped in the environment without purification, and rivers change colour according to the fashionable colours of the season in the so-called fast-fashion countries. Toxic substances end up in the environment and our drinking water as a result of the production and laundry process. But the skin, our largest organ, also absorbs these toxic substances as we wear textile, cover ourselves with it while we sleep, lie on top of it or use it to dry ourselves after bathing. Baby skin is porous, sensitive and four to five times thinner than adult skin and therefore absorbs even more.

Luckily, BORO*MINI offers the solution by dyeing textile in a unique way that isn’t toxic and consumes less water! This natural dyeing process constitutes a sustainable and safe alternative to synthetic dye because the substances are extracted from plants, roots and minerals and are therefore biodegradable. Just what a baby needs to be able to suck on it safely, because YES, babies will put anything in their mouths!

These special, natural dyes make for a beautiful, vivid colour pallet and are super safe for your baby’s sensitive skin!

All ingredients of the dye and ink recipes can be counted on the fingers of a single hand. They are 100% natural, just like your baby! Interested to find out what natural ingredients are responsible for the gorgeous BORO*MINI colours? Check the INGREDIENTS page.


BORO*MINI works exclusively with certified, sustainably produced organic cotton, such as GOTS and OEKOTEX. These quality labels guarantee that the cotton is friendly to the environment and humans alike and does not contain any damaging toxic substances.

This sustainably produced organic cotton is dyed manually and printed with natural ingredients at the BORO*ATELIER. This natural dyeing process is a sustainable and safe alternative to synthetic dyes because the ingredients are extracted from plants, roots and minerals and are therefore biodegradable. In addition, the production process consumes much less water as it doesn’t require any toxic substances to be rinsed out. A safe production process for both the makers and the babies who will end up in, on top of or covered by the BORO*MINI products!

BORO*MINI minimises residual waste, nothing is discarded if it doesn’t have to be, and each piece of residual fabric is put to use.

In line with the BORO principle; use everything and waste nothing, the pieces of residual fabric are upcycled to create new baby products. This is how the colourful and cheerful BORO*MINI teething rings, pacifier cloths and garlands were created.


Socially responsible production aimed at guiding the participants to a paid job!

The safe-to-suck baby essentials by BORO*MINI are hand-made at the BORO*ATELIER in Amsterdam. The BORO*ATELIER is a social production atelier offering special education to long-term job seekers and/or asylum status holders (refugees). Participants are taught various crafts such as sewing, screen printing and dyeing plant-based textile. In addition, the participants work on their personal development together with the BORO*ATELIER. Together with the participants, the BORO*ATERLIER analyses the best way to optimise their growth.

An entrepreneurship workshop is offered in collaboration with Starters4Communities. This allows participants to explore the option of starting their own business. The practical workshop focuses on entrepreneurial skills, mindset and deploying one’s talents.


Asylum status holders who don’t speak Dutch very well are offered a language boost at the BORO*ATELIER in collaboration with Taal & Coast op Maat: Dutch language classes on the workfloor focused on the activities at the workshop. The BORO*ATELIER also offers support with difficult administrative and personal questions.

The objective is to guide participants towards paid jobs, either at the BORO*ATELIER or with another fitting employer in our network.

Three people have already successfully completed the programme and are now a permanent part of the BORO*TEAM. Check the TEAM page to get to know the BORO*TEAM.