Textile as organic as possible, that is what Lotje and Celia were looking for when they got children.

During their search, they found out that textile constitutes the second largest global contaminator, trailing only the oil industry. They discovered that it isn’t just the production process that does great damage, but on top of that the toxic substances are absorbed by the skin, our largest organ, when we wear textile, dry ourselves with it after bathing and sleep on top of and covered by it. Lotje and Celia wanted to find a way to change this, especially since the sensitive baby skin is four to five times thinner than adult skin and therefore absorbs a whole lot more!

Lotje and Celia bundled the crafts and expertise and decided to create an organic, sustainable and social baby brand. And so BORO*MINI was born: Organically dyed, unique baby essentials made of sustainable organic cotton, hand-crafted with social impact at the Amsterdam BORO*WORKSHOP.

The BORO*WORKSHOP, a social production workshop where textile is dyed in a unique, natural way, was set up in order to produce the BORO*MINI baby essentials. This natural dyeing process constitutes a sustainable and safe alternative to synthetic dyes because the resources are extracted from plants, roots and minerals, and are therefore biodegradable. In addition to BORO*MINI, the BORO*WORKSHOP is now also producing for various (fashion) brands and has grown into a safe, cheerful, artisan workplace. Apart from the participants in the six-month training programme, several permanent employees have joined in order to work on organic, sustainable and social textile production at the BORO*ATELIER! Meet the BORO*TEAM here!



Natural colour, screen print teacher and atelier chief

Roua participated in the first BORO*ATELIER training programme and became a permanent teacher at the workshop as a result. She has been the driving force of production at the workshop for over a year. Her contagious enthusiasm brings smiles to all our faces!



Sewing technique teacher

Fares participated in the first BORO*ATELIER training programme and became a permanent teacher at the workshop as a result. He entered the workshop without a shred of Dutch language skills and started beaming at the sight of the sewing machines. His enthusiasm allowed him to learn proper Dutch in no-time, and serves to motivate and inspire all participants who are still in the process of learning Dutch!


Sewing technique teacher

A fashion designer, Menno has a lot of sewing machine experience and is a gifted teacher. He explains everything patiently, clearly and calmly. Menno has joined the BORO*ATELIER recently but his BORO attire fits him like a glove!


Production planning

As a fashion designer, Merel has a lot of experience with designing and managing large assignments and working with large corporations. At the BORO*WORKSHOP, she ensures a perfect and realistic production schedule!



Marketing, PR, social media and visual communication  

As an artist, Marte has a keen eye for visual communication and a pen that describes the BORO feel with great accuracy. In short, Marte takes care of copy, imagery and sound with a smile that is equal to none!