2 washable child mouth masks

Ingredients: 100% GOTS certified cotton
Madder, gallnut, iron

1 x Madder pink with burgundy print
1 x Sunny grey with dark grey print

Size: 2 x age 7-12

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Handmade in the BORO*ATELIER, Amsterdam

The mouth masks are made according to the BORO principle; use everything and don’t waste anything. The mouth masks are made from leftover pieces of fabric. All fabric is then upcycled into a new product. This makes each mouth masks a little different and therefore unique!

Wearing a mouth masks is mainly done for the other person, from a social point of view. In this case, when you buy a BORO*MINI mouth mask, you also support a social enterprise, double social (-;

*All washable mouth masks are for personal use only. Wearing a mouth mask can reduce the risk of viral infections, but we cannot offer any guarantees and are not liable for any infections while wearing our mask. Adult supervision is required for the placement and removal of the child mask.

How to use the mouth mask:

1. Before putting on the mask, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water or a hydro-alcoholic solution.

2. Put on the mouth masks from above, with a good connection to your nose.

3. Loop the elastic over the ears and cover the chin.

4. Once you’ve put on the mouth masks, don’t touch it.

5. When removing your mouth masks, only touch the elastic bands and put it in a plastic bag. Wash your hands thoroughly again.

6. Wash at 60 degrees, then ready to use again.

BORO*MINI mouth masks cannot be exchanged for reasons of hygiene!